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Shattered by Avadrea [Challenge #9]

Title: Shattered
Author: Avadrea
Prompt: Pieces
Rating: A
Warnings: None (not 100% happy with this piece)
Genre: Romance
Word Count: 476
Summary: Kagome has a habit of breaking things.

ShatteredCollapse )

009 - Pieces

Entries are due by the 30th. Entries should be around 600 words.


And the winner of the Wild prompt is:

Morning Light by avadrea

Thank you for participating in the Lost contest:

One Day, Already Passing by avadrea

Coming soonCollapse )

The next prompt will be up tomorrow. Sorry about the delay, I suffer from depression and lately it has been pretty bad.
Title: One Day, Already Passing
Author: Avadrea
Prompt: Lost
Rating: A
Warnings: None
Genre: Romance
Word Count: 465
Summary: Sesshoumaru tries to retrace the steps that lead him to this

One Day, Already PassingCollapse )

008 - Lost

Entries are due the 11th. Entries should be over four-hundred words. Voting *should* be up the next day. The prompt, that day after. Fanart is welcome as well.

Wild Voting

We have two entries this week. Please choose one. Votes due on the fifth.

Morning Light

A Case of the Crazies by Yuule [007-Wild]

Title: A Case of the Crazies
Author: Yuule
Prompt: 007 Wild
Rating: Everyone
Genre: Introspective? Gen. Kagome-centric.
Word Count: 409
Summary: She was lost and crazy.

A Case of the Crazies and late night caffine >.<Collapse )

Morning Light by Avadrea [Challenge #7]

Title: Morning Light
Author: Avadrea
Prompt: Wild
Rating: T
Warnings: Implied Nudity and hinted sexual contact
Genre: Romance
Word Count: 276 According to Word
Summary: Kagome wakes up after a wild night
Morning LightCollapse )

007 - Wild

Entries are due the 29th. Entries should be over a hundred words but nothing more than a thousand. Voting will be up the next day, hopefully, and the new prompt the day after that. Fanart is welcome.

Insect Voting

Please choose one of the following. Results will be posted the 23rd.


From the Eyes of a Flea

Significance by Avadrea [Challenge #6]

Title: Significance
Author: Avadrea
Prompt: Insect
Rating: A
Warnings: Not happy with this one >.<
Genre: Romance/sorta
Word Count: 298 According to Word
Summary: Sesshoumaru contemplates the importance of the insignificant.

SignificanceCollapse )

(006 - Insect) From the Eyes of a Flea

Title: From the Eyes of a Flea
Author: yuule
Prompt: 006 Insect
Rating: O+ (For seriousness though, E10+)
Warnings: Mentions for blood (It's from the perspective of a flea so yeah)
Genre: Introspective maybe, certainly romance
Word Count: 300
Summary: A flea tells us about the budding relationship he sees between Kagome and Sesshomaru.

Flea-like metaphors belowCollapse )


006 - Insect

Entries are due the 17th. Entries should be around 300 words. Voting will be up the next day and the prompt the day after. Fanart is also accepted.

The Wild Hunt by Avadrea [Challenge #5]

Title: The Wild Hunt
Author: Avadrea
Prompt: Animal
Rating: A
Warnings: might be a to be continued, might not
Genre: Romance/sorta
Word Count: 970 (according to Word) >.< is long
Summary: Sesshoumaru is sent upon a divine hunt.  What shall be his prize?
The Wild HuntCollapse )


Thanks to all those who participated. The winner is...
BannerCollapse )

005 Animal

Entries are due April 3rd, 2013 at 11:59pm Pacific Time. Voting begins the day after, the fourth and the next prompt *should* be up the next day. Entries should be 600+ words.

I've been sick and have had a migraine so that is why this prompt went up late.

The first 3 prompts are open and can be done any time. Banners will be custom made for each person that does complete these and there will never be any voting for them.

Also, word counts are a goal but not a requirement. it's an extra challenge for those who want it.

Lover Voting

We have two entries for this the Lover prompt. Voting will end on the 26th. Since there are only two entries, first place will only be given out. Comments are screened.

As You Wish by Avadrea [Challenge #4]

Title: As You Wish
Author: Avadrea
Prompt: Lover
Rating: A
Warnings: none
Genre: Romance
Word Count: 430 (according to Word)
Summary: What dose Kagome mean to This Sesshouamru?
A/N: I know I went over the word count a bit, I am not sure if that disqualifies me or not.  I am not sure if we are allowed to go over it or not...

As You WishCollapse )

004 - Lover

Title: A Lover!
Author: Yuule
Prompt: Lover
Rating: T
Warnings: Suicide mentions
Genre: General
Word Count: 200 according to Word
Summary: Yura's husband had taken a lover.

A Lover!Collapse )

004 - Lover

Entries are due the 20th of March and 11:59pm Pacific Time. Voting begins the 21st of March and the new prompt will go up on the 22nd. Entries should be 100-300 words.


Due to the fact Avadrea was the only participant (thanks by the way!) there will be no voting for obvious reasons and instead, Avadrea will just get a banner instead.

Commencement  By Avadrea
BannerCollapse )


1/20/2013 - 1/30/2013
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Voting: 2/24/2013 - 3/2/2013

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Voting: 3/6/2013 - 3/12/2013
100words - 300words

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