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White Death

A Sesshomaru and Kagome Community

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
A Sesshomaru and Kagome Fanfiction community
Contest Rules:
● Entries must incorporate the contest’s theme, and they must feature Sesshoumaru & Kagome in some way. Their relationship can be either romantic or platonic, and your setting can be either canon reality or alternate reality.
● Adult stories (lemons/MA/NC-17) are permitted. If your story contains graphic sexual situations, you must mark the entry as members only.
● Please do not publicly post your contest entries (or a link directing people to your story here) until after the polls close and the results are revealed. This includes posting your story to your Live Journal. Please don't reuse material.
● Please check over your work before posting. Though we are all learning, try not to make yourself look like a troll.
● Please use this format when posting stories(similar formats are fine as well):

Subject line: (Prompt) Title

Title: Your title
Author: Preferred name for yourself
Prompt: The theme
Rating: Any rating system you wish to use
Warnings: Possible squicks
Genre: Romance, friendship, angst, etc.
Word Count: Note the length
Summary: Tell us a little tidbit.

(Your work under and LJ cut)

● Voting is open to members and watchers. If there are 4 or more entries in either category, first, second, and third place will be awarded. If there are 3 entries or less, then only first place will be determined. Voting will take place using screened comments to preserve anonymity and feelings. Points are awarded to fics by a simple tally.
1st place vote = 3 points
2nd place vote = 2 points
3rd place vote = 1 point
● You must be signed in to vote. It’s okay if you want to vote for yourself, provided you feel your entry deserves the points. Do not get your friends and relatives together to vote for you so that you win. Should that happen, I shall DQ you and issue a warning. Sevrel warnings gets you banned.
● Commenting on other members’ entries is highly encouraged. Most writers crave reviews, and while many also welcome constructive criticism, please do not critique their entry super harshly or if they request for no criticism.
● Only enter 1 piece of work per prompt. No sock-puppeting just to get that other piece in. I notice.

Have fun!